I’ve been working with Eat Sleep Live for the last 7 years and this is the 3rd generation of its website – built to adhere to Google’s latest rules and also to be an easier user experience…www.eatsleeplive.co.uk

“Eat Sleep Live’s reclaimed wood furniture is high quality in terms of design and longevity. Being entirely handmade, attention is paid to every detail of every piece and this shines out when you look at the beautiful solid wood furniture which is on offer.
One of the great benefits of shopping at Eat Sleep Live is that you can do your bit for the environment through purchasing reclaimed furniture. Furthermore, many of these furniture pieces have the desirable naturally-worn look that is so hard to replicate artificially. If you’re looking for robust furniture with a rustic look, you will find what you want in the wood furniture on offer here at Eat Sleep Live. Using reclaimed wood and built by hand, it is impressive and resilient and fit to grace any home.

No matter what your décor, there is a wood that will suit your home. Many people look for dark wood furniture and there is plenty on offer here. Dark wood provides a distinctive look and if you already have dark wood furniture, you will want to maintain consistency with new additions. Genuinely impressive rustic furniture can be hard to find with many techniques which are used to artificially age wood being ugly or unconvincing. However, here at Eat Sleep Live you will find recovered wood which already boasts that genuine rustic look, so why not take a look at what’s on offer.

Reclaimed wood furniture has a distinctive look and also has the benefit of being better for the environment. The use of reclaimed wood is still relatively uncommon, so if you are looking for something unique with bags of character and history in every beam or are interested in eco-friendly furniture then eat sleep live have a fantastic range for you to choose from. It is impossible to replicate the quality inherent in handmade furniture through other construction methods. Wood is a natural material and every piece is different. It needs an expert eye and extensive experience to fashion it into something distinctive and well-built and that is what you will find here at Eat Sleep Live.

Real wood furniture is striking and resilient and it is these dual qualities which ensure its lasting popularity. Genuine handmade furniture has a quality that cannot be imitated and the use of natural materials makes for furniture with timeless appeal. Furniture made for life…”